The practice of social work is required for the graduate students, and it is usually held in settings including hospitals, governmental agencies, and private social welfare organizations. The practice is taken in the summer breaks and the regular fall semester. A minimum of 39 credits, including 26 required credits and 13 elective credits are required for a Master’s degree.

Required Courses

Electives Courses

Seminar in Medical Sociology and Social Work

Special Topics in Social Science Research

Special Topics in Social Statistics

Social Work Theory and Practice

Seminar in Research Ethics of Humanities and Social Sciences

Academic Report Writing

Social Work Fieldwork

Role-Model Learning Program

Seminar in Population Aging and Society

Seminar in Disability Studies

Seminar in Medical Anthropology

Study of Human Service Programs

Seminar in Social Work Ethics

Seminar in Direct Social Work Practice

Seminar in Social Welfare Policy

Seminar in Medicine, Technology and


Operating and Managing Nonprofit


Rehabilitation Services with People

with Special Needs

Long-term Care Policy and Law

Gender and Work

Seminar in Multicultural Competence

Seminar in Social and Health Care for the Elderly

Qualitative Research

Seminar in Gerontological Service and Long-Term Care

Seminar on Child and Youth Welfare

Seminar in Sociology of Organization

Seminar in Social Work with Women

Social Work Supervision

Seminar in Treating Families of the Poor

Seminar in Case Management

Seminar on Healthcare and Labor Policy

Seminar on Healthcare Law and Ethics

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