Fieldwork placement is an integral part of social work education with the emphasis on "learning through doing". In fieldwork, the student works in a social work agency under the guidance of a fieldwork supervisor and is expected to deliver social work service, commensurate with agency services. Fieldwork placement gives students opportunities to incorporate theoretical knowledge into social work practice.

For professional accreditation, the Regulations for Senior Qualification Examination for Professional and Technical Personnel in the category of Social Work Specialist requires the fulfillment of 400 placement hours.

Social Work Fieldwork Placement I

Social Work Fieldwork Placement II

Social Work Fieldwork Placement III


lecture in the classroom

Fieldwork Placement

Fieldwork Placement

Offer in Academic Year

The semester of grade 3

The Summer of grade 3

The first semester of grade 4

Learning Hours

2 hours/ week

the minimum of 240 placement hours

the minimum of 160 placement hours

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