Being situated in a medical university, the Department not only provides courses in the social work field, but also medical-related subjects, such as Anatomic Physiology, Introduction to Medicine, and Introduction to Psychiatry. A minimum of 128 credits, including 75 required credits, 25 elective credits, and 28 general education credits are required for a bachelor degree. The practice of social work is required and is to be taken in the summer breaks and the regular fall semester.

Required Courses

Electives Courses


Anatomic Physiology

Introduction to Medicine


Introduction to Medical Sociology

Social Psychology

Social Statistics (Including Practice)

Social Research Methods

Introduction to Social Work

Social Casework

Social Group Work (Including Internship)

Community Work

Health Administration and Management

Social Work Internship

Introduction to Social Welfare

Social Policy and Social Legislation

Social Welfare Administration

Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Social Research Methods

Program Planning and Evaluation

Social Work Management

Sociological Theory

Health Insurance and Management

Introduction to Health Behavior

Medical Anthropology

Health and Social Behavior

Deviant Behavior of Adolescents

Social Stratification

Social Change

Social Problems

Sociology of Gender

Social Gerontology

Organizational Sociology

Cultural Anthropology


Urban Sociology

Sociology of Religion

History of Medical Social Thought

Seminars in Medical Sociology

Theories and Techniques of Counseling

Introduction to Psychiatry

Psychiatric Social Work

Medical Social Work

Social Work with the Disabled

School Social Work

Social Work with Children

Social Work with Older Adults

Program Planning and Evaluation

Seminars in Social Work Practice

Hospital Administration and Management

Human Resources Management

Introduction to Social Insurance

Epidemiology (Including Practice )

Health in Aging

Chronic Disease Control

Introduction to Social Science

Medical Ethics and Regulation

Seminars in Long Term Care

Group Dynamics

Social Work with Adolescents

Family Social Work

Volunteer Services

Social Work Theories

Social Work Value and Ethics



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